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  • Coconut Cream Chocolate Raw Bars

    COCONUT CREAM CHOCOLATE RAW BARS! 🍫 Theeeeese!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 OMG!😮😮😮 So creamy and crunchy!!!! Annnnd the flavor combos! 🤤 Did I mention the second layer has MÜNKI ESPRESSO MOCHA WALNUTS ☕️🥜🤤😋 You’ll definitely need to make these ASAP! You’re mouth will definitely be having a party! 🎉💃DeAts:Bottom l... View Post
  • Weekend Vibes Smoothie Bowl

    WEEKEND VIBES SMOOTHIE BOWL The August heat has us moving at a snail's pace this week. Anyone else get syrupy in the summer heat? Cool down this weekend with this unbelievably tasty smoothie bowl   recipe by @ducklet1    CHOCOLATE BERRY BEET2 frozen bananas1 small avocado1 cup frozen raspberri... View Post
  • Chocolate Coffee Chia Smoothie Bowl

    The art of creating an amazing smoothie bowl is experimentation 💥 and nobody does that better than @ducklet1 🙏🏽 (this recipe and photo are from her magic brain)! This recipe uses some brilliant ingredients to give you a thick, healthy and dang tasty breakfast bowl. Pure Monday Motivation! 🙌🏽SMOOT... View Post
  • Tropical Kale Citrus Fizz Smoothie

    TROPICAL KALE CITRUS FIZZ SMOOTHIE   This citrusy, tropical smoothie bowl ( recipe by @ducklet1 ) is tangy & sweet & perfect for the holiday weekend! It’s made using sparkling coconut water • If you’ve never tried sparkling water in a smoothie don’t miss out, it makes an extra fluffy &a... View Post
  • Sweets & Beets Smoothie Bowl

    Holy Beetroot Batman! This smoothie bowl recipe is full of crud-fighting vitamins (POW) and immune-boosting ingredients (BAM)! Packed with veggies & fruit, this smoothie will give you what you need to tackle the day. Load it up with your favourite smoothie bowl toppings (ahem, Münki Sweet Bee... View Post
  • Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl

    🥕 CARROT CAKE SMOOTHIE BOWL 🥕This smoothie bowl recipe (by @ducklet1 on Instagram) is full of nourishing, warming, immune-boosting ingredients & spices, veggies & fruit... perfect for days (or weeks) like we've been having lately (amiright)! If you haven't already - pop over to her page f... View Post
  • Carrot Cake Stuffed Dates

    A delicious recipe by @happyhealthyhopey. Check out her Instagram page for more inspiration! ALMOND BUTTER STUFFED DATES TOPPED WITH CARROT CAKE GRANOLA! 🥜🥕🍰 A perfect pre-workout 🏋🏻‍♀️ snack or post or anytime! 😉😋  Recipe & Instructions:Dates (pitted) are stuffed with almond butter & to... View Post
  • Seasonal Brussel Sprout Salad

    This plant-based seasonal recipe will help you elevate the mighty Brussel Sprout to its rightful place on the holiday table & make you look like a kitchen pro.   It’s easy to make, too... especially if you have a food processor with a shredding attachment. If you don’t have a fancy-schmancy ... View Post


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