Bananarama Walnut Raw Vegan Bombs

Bananarama Walnut Raw Vegan Bombs
These bombs (aka truffle bites) are gooey and rich - and with only two ingredients, this recipe couldn't be easier. Seriously - it is sooooo simple!
When you need a decadent, handmade dessert (hint: Mother's Day is around the corner) that is healthy & delicious - this will be your go-to recipe. Don't feel bad if you eat half of it right out of the food processor!
Makes 10 Bombs (depending on the size)
- One Bag of Bananarama Walnuts
- 7 ounces Medjool Dates (about 8-9), pitted
- Optional Toppings: Hemp Hearts, Shredded Coconut, Chia Seeds
Simply pulse the Bananarama Walnuts and pitted Medjool dates in a food processor until they form a crumbly mixture. 
Once the mixture is sticky (that is what you want), take it out of the food processor and roll the "dough" into balls. If you want to coat in a topping (adds superfoods and makes them beautiful), simply roll around until the topping sticks & place them on a baking sheet.
Freeze them for about an hour to let them firm up and then store them in the fridge. 
Pro Tip: If you have Espresso Yourself Mocha Walnuts, they work really well too!
Enjoy & Evolve Your Tastebuds

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