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Münki Style

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Chow Chow - An Asheville Culinary Event

Come see Münki at the Chow Chow Asheville Makers Market, Saturday September 14th - 2:30-3:30pm in Packs Square. Asheville’s new event, Chow Chow, is a multi-day immersive experience exploring the unique community of creative makers around the city’s table—from growers and farmers to brewers and ...
consumer reports and Munki Food Company - Globally Inspired All Day Snacks

Consumer Reports - 8 Healthy Food Trends to Try

Consumer Reports wrote a great article on 8 healthy food trends to try and Münki Food made the list! Full article can be read here!
AVL Today Asheville

AVL Today - Top 30

30 ways to eat (and drink) local in Asheville - Very stoked Münki made Asheville's top 30!!