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munki food recipe

Bodacious Breakfast

By @happyhealthyhopey 

Rollin into Saturday with an outrageous bowl topped with @munkifood BANANARAMA WALNUTS! 🙌🏼🤤 So love love love this company based out of Asheville! I found their walnuts at a local @wholefoods when I was there! Since then they have shipped me more incredible products that I can hardly live without now!!! 🥰😋 Soooo good! 
@wallabyyogurt plain nonfat yogurt topped with @munkifoodbananarama walnuts 🤤😍🙌🏼, fresh organic blueberries @driscollsberry,mulberries, goji berries @navitasorganics ,sliced frozen bananas, cacao nibs @navitasorganics , Ezekiel cereal @foodforlifebaking , cacao powder @sunfood , almond butter drizzle @spreadthelove 

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