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Vegan Coffee Nice Cream with Italian Espresso Cookie Dough Bites

Vegan Coffee Nice Cream

Vegan Coffee Nice Cream with Italian Espresso Cookie Dough Bites
Summer is right around the corner and that means one thing... ice cream season is upon us! 

When temps get high, we all want something sweet that will cool us down & trust us - this is the perfect treat. We know that a lot of ice cream is loaded with sugar & fat, but don’t you worry…we have a healthy ice cream recipe for you and it ticks all the boxes. Meet your new favourite frozen friend: Vegan Coffee Nice Cream with Italian Espresso Cookie Dough Bites. This vegan ice cream is not only SIMPLE to make, it is super healthy to boot. With only a handful of ingredients and the power of a blender or food processor, you will be dipping your spoons in this nice cream in no time. 
Vegan • Gluten Free • Limited Ingredients • Easy-to-Make • Yes - you can eat it for breakfast too!

Makes: 2-4 Servings plus extra cookie dough bites to snack on!
Cookie Dough Bite Ingredients:- 1 cup (4 oz) of Münki Italian Espresso Superfood Granola- 6 oz (about 7-8) Medjool Dates, Pitted


Simply pulse the Superfood Granola and pitted Medjool dates in a food processor until they form a crumbly mixture. Once the mixture is sticky (that is what you want), take it out of the food processor and roll the "dough" into bite-sized cookie dough bites. Place in freezer until you are ready to make the Coffee Nice Cream.

Nice Cream Ingredients:- Four (Large) or Six (Small-Medium) Frozen Bananas- 2 tsp Instant Espresso- 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract- Tiny Pinch Sea SaltOptional : To make Mocha Nice Cream, blend in a 1 TBSP of cocoa powder

Prepare ahead of time : Peel bananas, break into chunks and freeze. 
Throw all Nice Cream ingredients into a high-speed blender or food processor and blend until super smooth. Either mix-in a handful of cookie dough bites and serve immediately (soft-serve style), or transfer to a container and freeze for 30 minutes, then scoop and enjoy! Top with more cookie dough bites or save for a sweet treat later!
PRO TIP: Be sure to use ripe bananas (aka bananas that are at least halfway brown before)! Unripe bananas will give an earthy taste to the nice cream and we are looking for natural sweetness here. 

Enjoy & Evolve Your Tastebuds

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