Our Story

Meet the Makers


Meet Matthew & Gretchen - the founders of Münki Food Company.

The story really starts when Gretchen decided to be a lifelong vegetarian at the ripe age of 12. At that age, Matthew was only thinking about skateboards and BMX'ing ... but Gretchen (little did she know) was already crafting food choices that would later inspire her to make the Münki creations we know today.

Now, it must be said at this point, they are from different countries. Gretchen was growing up in Orlando, FL while Matthew was causing trouble in South London, England - but like all good love stories - it soon came time for a Limey & Yank to become inseparable. Matthew moved to The States (at the ripe age of 21) and they met at Wet 'N Wild water park where they worked as life guards in that hot summer of '94.  

Let's speed through their 20s & 30s (when they got their shit together) and finally took a leap of faith and started Münki. Here's a quick rundown of what happened at that time: Gretchen had a decade or so of learning the good, the bad and the ugly of an Englishman's tastebuds... and how she had to evolve them! Never satisfied with the snacks he could get over here, she started experimenting until the bloody Brit was satisfied... and 2 cheeky monkeys created Münki.

Münki is an extension of what they love in life - good food, music, animals, art, travel, global culture & just plain fun. They say… do what you like. Well, we love what we do and we hope it shows.

Now get out there and Evolve Your Tastebuds™