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the word on the street

  • "Both the Superfood Granola and the Nuts are perfect snacking options to eat straight from the bag. However, they make for delightful toppings on yogurt, and taste delicious in a frozen mocha smoothie or added to pancakes on a sleepy Saturday"
    - Kristyn Noren
  • "Another amazing locally made food is Münki Foods! Perfect for the hiker, runner or outdoorsy person in your life."
    - Jenn Gordon
  • "Sweet Beet and Tropical Kale are tied for my favorites. You can’t taste the veggies (especially the kale) and they’re not too sweet. The Tropical Kale has pineapple and maple syrup so there is some sweetness but it’s very balanced. The Sweet Beet has a mix of flavors including coconut, cranberry and mango. It just works!"
    - Erica Agran

Open. Eat. Evolve. Repeat.

Snacks should not be boring. To avoid that pitfall, we add just the right amount of spice and sarcasm to each bag.

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