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ENJOY FAST FREE SHIPPING On all orders over $50
  • ENJOY FAST FREE SHIPPING On all orders over $50
  • Amazing product!!! Will order again soon after I finish eating these awesome trail mix flavors!!

    - Sam D.

  • Really Tasty! My family loves the flavor of Jamaican Jerk Trailmix. The ingredients work together really well. I had to buy extra because it disappears so quickly! A big hit with the kids and a great snack.

    - Sharon H.

  • The BEST! Don't compare this delicous snack to any dried fruit combo. Without a doubt, the most unique, tasty and healthy treat available! Treat's worth it.

    - Carole.

  • Chocolate and coffee What more could one want? Cherries, coconut, and almonds mixed in for a delicious experience

    - Helen H.

  • 24 Carrot Cake - YUM! We buy this flavor often, it is great on it's own or with fruit and yogurt.

    - Margee H.

  • Yummy All of the trail mixes and granolas are so good. My go to snacks!!

    - Angela B.

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