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Craft Beer & Münki Nuts

The next time you pop open a cold one, make sure you grab a bag of Münki Nuts first and you might just save yourself from that hangover.

Craft Beer and Small Batch Nuts - some things are just meant to be!

The Healthy Duo

Most of us know a good thing when we see it (or in this case eat it), but it turns out that pairing nuts and beer may actually be good for us. According to Men’s Health, "nuts boost HDL (good) cholesterol levels while reducing the “bad” LDL. And it’s thought that alcohol acts as a blood thinner, helping prevent the formation of clots that can block bloodflow to your heart.

What’s more, Swedish researchers found that the fat and fiber in nuts slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. This can help smooth out the effects of moderate alcohol consumption."

So the next time you pop open a cold one, make sure you grab a bag of Münki Nuts first and you might just save yourself from that hangover.


The Soul Mates

Now that we have some of the scientific stuff covered, let's move on to the real magic - nut and beer pairings. Like any great relationship, when paired properly, nuts and beer can bring out the best in each other. After some very tough, but thorough research, we have compiled a list of dynamic duos you will definitely want to try!

Beer City BBQ Trailmix is an ode to our love for local beer (it's one of the ingredients)! We pair Smoky Mesquite BBQ spices and beer with almonds, cashews, toasted corn and blueberries. Pair it with a cold Amber Ale or Lager.

Recommend: New Belgium Brewing - Fat Tire • Green Man Brewery - ESB • Hi-Wire Brewing - Lager

Jamaican Jerk Cashews are our island inspired mix. Cashews, pineapples, pumpkin seeds & spicy jerk seasonings and ginger. They are a perfect blend of spicy & sweet. Great with American IPA or Amber Ale.

Recommend: Wicked Weed Brewing - Pernicious IPA •  Burial Beer Company • Surf Wax IPA

Shiva Palace Almonds are our curry inspired mix. Almonds, papayas & mild curry spices all blend together to create a light, internationally aromatic treat. Great with an ice cold lager or pilsner.

Recommend: Hi-Wire Brewing - Lager • Homeplace Beer - Golden Heart Lager • Oskar Blues Brewery - Mama's Little Yella Pils 

Espresso Yourself Mocha Walnuts are a nod to our other favourite beverage - coffee! We infuse lightly toasted walnuts with local coffee beans from Dynamite Roasting Company, then top that off with some dark chocolate covered espresso beans and cranberries. Trust us - you are good to go all day! Pairs great with coffee porters and imperial stouts. 

Recommend: Highland Brewing - Thunderstruck Coffee Porter • Burial Beer - Skillet Donut Stout • Pisgah Brewing - Chocolatized

Bananarama Walnuts are our sweet, nostalgic mix. Walnuts, bananas, cinnamon & a hint of bourbon (really tastes like Banana Bread) - these are always a big hit! These guys are great with fall and winter seasonals and stouts. 

Recommend: Asheville Brewing - Ninjabread Man • Highland Brewing - Cold Mountain Winter Ale • Pisgah Brewing - Nitro Stout


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